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Instrument Accessories

At the Canadian Brass store we offer more than just brass quintet sheet music and brass recordings. Brass players need a wide variety of equipment and supplies to help with their musical endeavors and we are continuing to add to this area.
We stock brass instrument cases from top companies like Torpedo Bags, Glenn Cronkhite, Marcus Bonna, DAC Cases. Torpedo Bags has become a well known manufacturer of trumpet cases and their cases are considered to be some of strongest protection available. We sell a bunch of the Torpedo Classic Bags and also do well with their higher end Loredo Bag which is similar in design but made with gorgeous leather. Approximately 2-3 years ago they took over manufacturing the Glenn Cronkhite line of bags and have continued the high standard for that brand. The Marcus Bonna line of cases has long been considered a premier option for brass instrument cases. We carry brass instrument cases in several designs for Trumpet, Horn and Trombone. They are made in Brazil so we normally only stock up once or twice a year.  These cases are very lightweight and have fiberglass inside to give very good protection. They also now offer carbon fiber as an upgrade option instead of the fiberglass structure. Our players came across the DAC Cases while touring in Japan.  Our players loved the compact design and light weight features which made air travel much easier especially for the Multi Trumpet Case (room for 2+ Trumpets) and the Tenor Trombone case.  These cases have a hard shell exterior and movable foam pads on the interior of the case which allows for a wide variety of ways to pack your instruments.
We have our own line mouthpieces for brass instruments called the Canadian Brass Collection (Trumpet mouthpieces, Horn mouthpieces, Trombone mouthpieces and Tuba mouthpieces) which is high quality yet very affordable and the Canadian Brass Heritage Tuba mouthpieces which includes the incredible Arnold Jacobs Tuba Mouthpiece.  The Canadian Brass Heritage tuba mouthpieces are manufactured in Germany under the watchful eye of one of the best tuba mouthpiece manufacturers in the world, Robert Tucci. Robert Tucci had been manufacturing the very successful Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece line for many years and recently renamed and updated his line under "Robert Tucci Mouthpieces.  We have been very happy to carry this well established brand and have become a primary dealer here in North America.