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Sousapower 3 Mouthpiece for Tuba/Sousaphone

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Sousapower 3 Mouthpiece for Tuba/Sousaphone

SOUSAPOWER mouthpieces are open blowing and deeply resonant. These characteristics are obvious in the middle and low register. In the upper middle and upper register, the resistance remains low and may seem unconventional at first. This continues well into the high register. Reduced pressure enables greater flow of air in a range where many mouthpieces choke up. Once the functional advantages are recognized, the upper middle and high registers of most instruments are more accessible, with a fine consistency of tone quality over a greater range. A unique balance between cup shape, throat and shank bore dimensions assures excellent intonation.

Sound Energy generated by the player is enhanced by the two new SOUSAPOWER mouthpieces. A firm embouchure interacts with and complements the acoustical impedance generated in the instrument. The results are superior. High output results in efficiency and therefore ease of performance.



Cup Diameter: 32.00 mm

Rim Width: 8:00 mm, clearly defined inner edge

Bore: 8.60 mm

Medium-deep pear shaped cup