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 Canadian Brass is the most famous brass quintet in history, with over 130 recordings to their credit over the groups 50 year history.  It doesn't matter if you've been a loyal fan since their humble beginning or have just recently seen them in a concert and have started to follow them online, you still need some Canadian Brass gear! 

You can now own a Canadian Brass T-shirt (in several formats), a Canadian Brass Hats (stocking caps), a wide variety of Canadian Brass socks (these are spectacular!) and even accessories like Canadian Brass tiespocket squares and tie/lapel clips 

We carry a few different designs in Canadian Brass T-shirts in the Canadian Brass Store.  We make an Instrument series that bear the Canadian Brass logo along with an artistic outline of either a trumpet, horn, trombone or tuba/euphonium. These shirts are black cotton with the design in a gold ink and they run true to size.  Another popular design is our Super Soft Classic T-shirt which has an elegant version of the CB logo on the chest. These T-shirts are 100% cotton, very soft and come in two different colors, black shirt with a metallic gold logo or white shirt with a black logo. Our last shirt design is taken from our CD cover of Swing That Brass. This design is our T-shirt with a Hand on Trumpet and consists of a black T-shirt with a small gold Canadian Brass logo on the chest and a large hand on a trumpet on the front of the shirt.  These shirts were ordered as a slim unisex design which runs approximately 2 sizes smaller than a typical adult T-shirt. We do carry these shirts up to a size 5XL (normal 3XL).

We currently feature two toques, or stocking caps.  The first is an acrylic and wool tightly knit cuffed hat in a "red wine" color and an embroidered Canadian Brass logo on the cuff. These hats are a "one size fits most". If you have a really large head (like me) you should probably go with our other hat.  That one is a similar color, maroon, and has a sewn on logo in black and white. It is a looser cable knit and is a bit larger in size. Both hats are quite warm and have been tested in Wisconsin and Toronto winters.

 The Canadian Brass socks have become super popular. They are all made with an ingenious design!  On a single pair of socks, one comes with a button hole and one with a button. This solves one of life's great mysteries...."where is my other sock?". You can hook them together when you throw them in the wash and you will have a complete pair when you take them out. These socks come in several designs. We have a Canadian Brass Christmas Sock, a similar red & white Canadian Sock, a versatile Canadian Brass Colorful Performance Sock and lastly a black and gold design with either a trumpet, horn, trombone or tuba/euphonium design. These socks are very stretchy and should fit most everyone. 

 As mentioned earlier, we are also carrying a few clothing accessories. We have a very nice Canadian Brass Tie and matching Pocket Square that are a mix of microfiber and silk and red wine in color. The tie has our logo and a trombone stitched on it. We also have gold colored alloy Canadian Brass Tie/Lapel Clips in the shape of either trumpet, horn, trombone or tuba/euphonium.    

Any of the above Canadian Brass clothing items make a perfect gift for yourself or the brass player(s) in your life!