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Canadian Brass Heritage Tuba Mouthpieces

It all began with the Arnold Jacobs mouthpiece. Surely the most sophisticated tuba mouthpiece ever; it was elegant in design while live and responsive. Long time students of preeminent teacher and performer Arnold Jacobs, the CB re-created his original tuba mouthpiece. In compliment this wonderful mouthpiece the Canadian Brass are proud to present four new mouthpieces developed by Robert Tucci, a student of Arnold Jacobs and one of the world's most experienced and prolific mouthpiece designers. These reflect the great heritage of our teacher, Arnold M. Jacobs, his enormous influence on modern brasswind performance, his unique concept of tone and his constant search for refinement in tonal quality, dynamic range and efficiency. These mouthpieces accommodate the progress made in pedagogy, instruments and contemporary concepts. They are advanced, even adventurous by nature, to access new dimensions of sound and versatility. Arnold Jacobs used different mouthpieces depending on the repertoire at hand. The new Canadian Brass Heritage  mouthpieces build on his concepts, with a greater choice of cup widths. All Heritage Series mouthpieces offer a rich and colorful sound coupled with fast response and exceptional flexibility. The MB-64 is ideal for Eb and F-tubas, a virtuoso mouthpiece. The MB-83 with it's diameter of 32.0mm, deep funnel cup and exceptionally large throat bore, offers a dark and resonant sound for those musicians who prefer this diameter. The MB-50 combines a narrow and clearly defined rim with a deep rounded cup. This is ideal for all contrabass tubas: smooth in response and colorful in tone. The MB-88 is in the category of special purpose mouthpieces. As with the MB-50, the rim is rather narrow and clearly defined. The cup is very deep and the throat bore large. This makes an amazingly rich and full middle and low register possible. It works well in the upper middle and higher register but for most tubists, the MB-50 is the better choice.


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