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Robert Tucci Tuba Mouthpieces

Sound Energy for the 21st Century
Contemporary symphonic band and orchestral repertoire is more fascinating than ever.
This creates strong inspiration for those who perform yet places greater demands on the equipment utilized to achieve smooth implementation of musical objectives. Successful brass wind instrument performance requires mouthpieces that provide rim comfort, endurance, efficiency in the use of air, clear articulation, velocity and flexibility as required, high dynamic range and tonal versatility.
Robert Tucci Concert and HS Series mouthpieces fit these criteria.
Good mouthpieces connect the players to their audiences. Our products link the musical traditions of the past with the requirements of our times.
As the world‘s foremost exclusive manufacturer of Euphonium and tuba mouthpieces ROBERT TUCCI plays a major role in the development of contemporary concepts of tone, velocity and dynamic range.
ROBERT TUCCI offers many different models, each designed for a specific purpose. No need to compromise. Choose the Robert Tucci mouthpiece which best serves your needs.
ROBERT TUCCI mouthpieces enhance upon proven design philosophy. Vibrancy, resonance, color and excellent projection are their hallmarks!
ROBERT TUCCI means musical and technical leadership.  Every model advances the art, sets new standards for others to reach.
Only the highest quality brass and silver are good enough for ROBERT TUCCI mouthpieces. Care in engineering, fully polished cups and application of pure silver or 24 Carat gold assure superb resonance, perfect response, finest tone quality and playing comfort.  All models are based on the same philosophy of sound, response, balance and tonal presence.  Changing from one instrument to another can be accomplished with ease.

MOUTHPIECE RETURN POLICY - Any of our mouthpieces can be returned up to 30 days from the purchase date. To receive a full refund, the mouthpiece must be returned in pristine condition without scratches, dents or dings. If there are any of these blemishes when the mouthpiece is returned, only a partial return will be given.