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Renaissance Era CD Bundle

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Renaissance Era CD Bundle

Canadian Brass has developed a core repertoire for brass quintets based upon classical masterpieces.  The recordings in this package represent some of our best classical music recordings. 

ECHO; GLORY OF GABRIELI - This recording displays the Brass's more serious side with an album exploring the Baroque innovations pioneered by Gabrieli at Venice's Basilica San Marco. Because of the Basilica's unique design, which included two choir lofts separated by a cavernous interior, it was difficult for choirs to sing in unison. Gabrieli used this to his advantage in his music for brass, creating works where one brass choir echoes or responds to the other -- a technique that proved immensely popular in his time and is recreated in our own by Canadian Brass. Contents include: Samuel Scheidt 1. Echo / Giovanni Gabrieli 2. Canzon septimi toni 3. Sonata pian e forte / Claudio Monteverdi SUITE FROM L'ORFEO 4. Toccata 5. Prologo-Dal mio Permesso amato 6. Lasciate i monti 7. Vieni Imeneo 8. Ecco Orfeo 9. Messaggiera y Pastore 10. Tu se' morta 11. Ahi caso acerbo! 12. Chi Ne Consola 13. Vanne Orfeo 14. Moresca  / Giovanni Gabrieli 15. Canzon primi toni 16. Canzona da sonar II 17. Canzon in double echo 18. Canzona da sonar IV 19. Canzon septimi e octavi toni.

SACRED BRASSA new approach to Renaissance music. Here the brass ensemble doesn't accompany a choir, but voices and brass merge to provide a completely different sound and feeling. Throughout the recording the tuba has been replaced by a cimbasso (valve contrabass trombone) played by Chuck Daellenbach. Titles: 1. Ascendo ad Patrem (Palestrina) 2. Miserere (Allegri) 3. Io parto e non piu dissi (Gesualdo) 4. Io pur respiro (Gesualdo) 5. Resta di darmi noia (Gesualdo) 6. Moro, lasso (Gesualdo) 7. Exsultate Deo (Palestrina)8. Missa Ascendo ad Patrem (Palestrina). All arrangements by Arthur Frackenpohl.

RENAISSANCE MENAlso contains titles from the early CB recording "A Touch of Brass" Recorded in 1973 with Graeme Page, French Horn: 1. Renaissance Suite: In the Pride of May (Weelkes), Aria (Fux), Fugue (Fux) 2. Canzon Septimi Toni a 8 (G. Gabrieli) 3. Pezel Brass Dances: Intrada, Intrada, Sarabande, Intrada 4. Royal Fanfare (Josquin Desprez) 5. Two Dances (Holborne): Muy linda, Galliard 6. Canzon (Peuerl) 7. Revency venir du printans (Le Jeune) 8. Canzon prima a 5 (G. Gabrieli) 9. Canzona per sonare 2 (G. Gabrieli) Recorded 1989/93, with David Ohanian, French Horn:10. Tudor Suite: Tudor Motet (Tye), Non nobis Domine (Byrd), The Silver Swan (Gibbons)11. Intrada (Pezel) 12. Antiphonal: Hodie Christus natus est (Sweenlick) 13. Three Elizabethan Madrigals: My Bonny Lass (Morley), Sweet Love doth now Invite (Dowland), Now is the Month of Maying (Morley) 14. Hosanna to the Son of God (Gibbons) 15. Hosanna (Palestrina) 16. Four Renaissance Dances (Susato) : La Mourisque, Bransle quatre bransle, Ronde mon amy, Ronde 17. Ave maris stella (Monteverdi) 18. Orfeo Fanfare (Monteverdi)

GABRIELI / MONTEVERDIFeaturing The Canadian Brass along with the Principal Brass of the New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Conductor. Contains: Monteverdi -- Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1610) 1. Deus in adjutorium, Nisi Dominus 2. Ave maris stella 3. Laude Jerusalem 4. Sicut erat in principio. Christmas Vespers: 5. Laudate Dominum 6. Christe Redemptor Omnium. Gabrieli -- 7. Canzon per sonare I "La Spiritata" 8. Canzon in Double Echo 9. Canzon Quarti Toni {a15} 10. Canzon V 11. Canzon per sonare II 12. Canzon XVI 13. Canzon VI 14. Canzon XII 15. Canzon per sonare III 16. Canzon X17. Canzon II 18. Canzon XIV 19. Canzon per sonare IV

ENGLISH RENAISSANCE MUSIC - A wonderful collection of music from the English Renaissance. Contains: 1. The Bells (Byrd) 2. Callino Casturame (Byrd/Kroll) 3. Pavan of Five Parts (Byrd) 4. Pavan (Dering) 5. The Silver Swan (Gibbons) 6. Alman: The Honeysuckle (Holborn) 7. Coranto: Heigh Ho Holiday (Holborne) 8. Galliard (Holborne) 9. (Holborne) 10. Thus Bonny-Boots (Holmes) 11. Doe You Not Know (Morley) 12. My Bonnie Lass (Morely) 13. O Care Thou Wilt Despatch Me (Weelkes) 14. Lady Oriana (Wilbye) 15. Oft Have I Vowed (Wilbye) 16. The Satyr's Dance (Johnson/Cable) 17. Rowland (Lord Willoughby's March) (Byrd) 18. Coranto Alarm (Bull/Cable) 19. Jig (Byrd) 20. The Fitzwilliam Suite: The Woods So Wild, Alman, Pavana, Galiard, La Volta, The Earle of Oxford's Marche (Byrd)