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Baroque Era CD Bundle

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Baroque Era CD Bundle

ART OF THE FUGUE - J.S. Bach continues to inspire Canadian Brass and this recording contains the complete Art of the Fugue, Contrapuncti I-XIV, plus the chorale prelude "Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit." The tracks included are: ART OF THE FUGUE 1. Contrapunctus 1, Andate Sostenuto 2. Contrapunctus 3, Andante Espressivo E Dolce 3. Contrapunctus 2, Allegro Moderato 4. Contrapunctus 4, Allegro Moderato 5. Contrapunctus 5, Allegro Energico 6. Contrapunctus 9, Vivace 7. Contrapunctus 10 (Alla Decima), Allegro Moderato 8. Contrapunctus 6, Andante Ritmico, In Stile Francese 9. Contrapunctus 7, Larghetto Maestoso 10. Contrapunctus 8, Allegro 11. Contrapunctus 11, Allegro Moderato 12. Contrapunctus 12 (Rectus), Lento 13. Contrapunctus 12 (Inversus), Lento 14. Contrapunctus 13 (Rectus), Allegro Spiritoso 15. Contrapunctus 13 (Inversus), Allegro Spiritoso 16. Contrapunctus 14, Maestoso (original unfinished version) 17. Chorale Prelude: Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit

GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - Another monumental work of J.S. Bach!  This complete transcription was done by Arthur Frackenpohl for Canadian Brass and contains all 30 variations including the Arias at the beginning and end of the recording.
JOYFUL SOUNDS - A Canadian Brass Vintage Release Featuring Elmer Iseler & The Festival Singers and organist Douglas Haas. Originally released as two LP's: Joyful Sounds, 1973 and Canadian Brass plus Organ, 1977. Titles: 1. The Heavens Are Telling 2:15 Benedetto Marcello (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 2. Fantasie 2:04 Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. Frederic Mills) (Solo Brass) 3. Athlanta Toccata 2:10 Aurelio Bonelli (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 4. Psalm 100 4:45 Heinrich Schütz (arr. Elmer Iseler) (Brass & Choir) 5. Sonata Due 5:50 Johann Pezel (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 6. Ein Kindelein So Löbelich 4:44 Michael Praetorius (arr. Elmer Iseler) (Brass & Choir) 7. Canzona Prima Toni à 8 3:30 Giovanni Gabrieli (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 8. Ich Danke Dir 2:44 Heinrich Hartmann (arr. Elmer Iseler) (Brass & Choir) 9. Poëme Héroïque 6:54 Marcel Dupré (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 10. Mighty King of Miracles 5:54 Sigfrid Karg-Elert (arr. Frederic Mills) (Brass & Organ) 11. Cantate Domino 3:29 Heinrich Schütz (arr. Elmer Iseler) (Brass & Choir) 12. Spiritual Phantasy 8:36 William Schmidt (Brass & Organ). Total Playing Time 52:55
WEDDING ESSENTIALS - Packaged complete with a do-it-yourself guide, this new CD release from Canadian Brass offers an all-inclusive musical package to accompany that special day. With wedding classics set out for each part of the ceremony, Wedding Essentials makes for a perfect resource for a bride & groom to be, or a thoughtful gift for someone seeking an element of timeless class for their wedding day. Titles: 1. Air (from “Water Music”) - Händel 2. Largo (from “Xerxes”) - Händel 3. Prayer (from “Hansel and Gretel”) - Humperdinck 4. Air on the G String (from “Suite No. 3”) - Bach 5. Canon - Pachelbel 6. Fanfare (from “Orfeo”) - Monteverdi 7. Trumpet Tune and Ayre - Purcell 8. Trumpet Voluntary - Stanley 9. Albason Fanfare - Reiche 10. Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke 11. Bridal Chorus (from “Lohengrin”) - Wagner 12. Wedding March - Mendelssohn 13. Rondeau - Mouret 14. We Hasten With Eager Footsteps -Bach 15. Where E’er You Walk - Händel 16. Amazing Grace - Traditional American 17. Suite in Five Parts - Pergolesi 
GO FOR BAROQUEAlso contains titles from the early CB recording "A Touch of Brass". Recorded 1973/74 with Graeme Page, French Horn. Titles: 1. Air pour les Trompettes (J.S. Bach) 2. Kanon (Pachelbel) 3. Fantasie in C (Bach) 4. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach) 5. Fugue in G Minor (little) (Bach) 6. Galliard Battaglia (Scheidt) 7. Canzon Aechiopican (Scheidt ) 8. Sonata in Three Movements for Trumpets (Purcell) 9. Madrigal (Schein). Recorded 1985 with Martin Hackleman, French Horn: 10. Trumpet Voluntary (Stanley) 11. We Hasten with Eager Footsteps (from Cantata No.78, Bach) 12. Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor (Bach) 13. Where're You Walk (from 'Semele', Handel) 14. Hallelujah, Amen (from 'Judas Maccabaeus', (Handel). Recorded 1993, with David Ohanian, French Horn: 15. My Heart ever Faithful (from Cantata No. 68, Bach) 16. Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke) 17. Contrapunctus I (Bach) 18. Trumpet Tune and Ayre (Purcell)