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Robert Tucci RT-88 Tuba Mouthpiece

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RT-88S Silver
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Robert Tucci RT-88 Tuba Mouthpiece

This model size was a "PERANTUCCI BEST SELLER"

Formerly named Perantucci mouthpieces, this Robert Tucci mouthpiece is a very popular size. The cup of the RT-88 is wider yet not quite as deep as that of the RT-50. The sound has great strength and depth combined with huge dynamics over a wide range.  The middle and low register benefit from the cup volume.  The high register is secure yet mellow sounding.

Cup Diameter : 33,5mm diameter. Wide, deep cup.
Rim : 7,0  mm Flat, well-defined inner edge.
Bore : 8,1  mm
Resistance : Low – open blowing.
Satisfaction guaranteed. 30 day return policy as long as the mouthpiece is without blemish and can be resold.