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Robert Tucci RT-64 Tuba Mouthpiece

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Robert Tucci RT-64 Tuba Mouthpiece
This model size was a "PERANTUCCI BEST SELLER"
Formerly named Perantucci mouthpieces, this Robert Tucci mouthpiece is a very popular size. Model RT-64 provides fast response, a lively and exciting sound with a clear core and excellent projection. The tone has a commanding nature for solo performances. It is first choice for execution of high range orchestral literature. In it‘s fortieth year, the Robert Tucci RT-64 is a milestone in history, one of the most popular F-tuba mouthpieces ever made. NEWLY REVISED
Cup Diameter : 32,0 mm diameter. Moderately shallow cup, bowl shaped.
Rim : Width 8,5 mm. Rounded with well defined inner contact point.
Bore :  7,8 mm
Only the highest quality copper-based alloys and silver are good enough for Robert Tucci mouthpieces. Care in engineering and fully polished cups assure superb resonance, perfect response and finest tone quality.
Any of our mouthpieces can be returned up to 30 days from the purchase date. To receive a full refund, the mouthpiece must be returned without scratches, dents or dings otherwise only a partial return will be given. We recommend you put scotch tape around the shank to prevent scratches if you are unsure if you will be keeping the mouthpiece.