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Robert Tucci - Chops Dyno Tuba Mouthpiece Tonal Enhancement System

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Robert Tucci - Chops Dyno Tuba Mouthpiece Tonal Enhancement System
Presenting the Chops Dyno System
The Chops Dyno System consists of 4 differing lengths of silver plated thin-wall brass tubes. Each fit directly into the backbore of your tuba mouthpiece and can be used to buzz, rehearse or even during performances.  They can be used with or without the rubber seal at the top of the tube.
The Chops Dyno System works with your mouthpiece and with your instrument. It introduces significant resistance into embouchure function. Air can be better focused to the lips to enhance tone production and increase musical efficiency. Buzz in your middle register, circle in on notes that sound and feel good. Thereafter, move above and below these in small intervals while retaining the improved response and sound. Maintain air flow, particularly when moving to higher notes. This technique will provide the fastest and most obvious results.
Four-unit Chop Dyno System.


  • For mouthpieces with throat bore of 8.1mm (0.319") or larger.


  • CD-5 50mm
  • CD-4 40mm
  • CD-3 30mm
  • CD-2 20mm
When used on your instrument, acoustical resistance becomes more obvious. Legato passages can be played smoother, pianissimo passages as well. Chops Dynos provide better control over intonation. An added benefit: they can be used to change the character of your sound as may be required by compositions of varying nature or to accommodate unusual acoustics of your performance venue.