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Sousapower 8 Mouthpiece for Tuba/Sousaphone

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Sousapower 8 Mouthpiece for Tuba/Sousaphone

The SP-8 is based on the popular RT-88+. It is a larger mouthpiece and has the smaller American shank size to fit in instruments with smaller receivers. Using it with standard receiver instruments will also work well. It will fit deeper and change the performance of the instrument.

The SP-8 has great strength and depth combined with huge dynamics over a wide range. The middle and low register benefit from the cup volume.  The high register is secure yet mellow sounding. We call it the "Muscle Man“ recommended for strong players. Like all of the Sousapower series, the heavy mass of the mouthpiece which increases projection, is equally well suited for the marching field or the concert hall Those who desire great dynamic range and an immense sound.

Cup Diameter : 33.5mm diameter. Wide, deep cup.

Rim :                   7.0  mm Flat, well-defined inner edge.

Bore :                  8.1  mm

Resistance :       Low – open blowing.

Shank:                American shank