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Canadian Brass Classical Recording Bundle (6 CD's)

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Canadian Brass Classical Recording Bundle (6 CD's)

Canadian Brass has developed a core repertoire for brass quintets based upon classical masterpieces.  The recordings in this package represent some of our best classical music recordings.

ECHO; GLORY OF GABRIELI - This recording displays the Brass's more serious side with an album exploring the Baroque innovations pioneered by Gabrieli at Venice's Basilica San Marco. Because of the Basilica's unique design, which included two choir lofts separated by a cavernous interior, it was difficult for choirs to sing in unison. Gabrieli used this to his advantage in his music for brass, creating works where one brass choir echoes or responds to the other -- a technique that proved immensely popular in his time and is recreated in our own by Canadian Brass. Contents include: Samuel Scheidt 1. Echo / Giovanni Gabrieli 2. Canzon septimi toni 3. Sonata pian e forte / Claudio Monteverdi SUITE FROM L'ORFEO 4. Toccata 5. Prologo-Dal mio Permesso amato 6. Lasciate i monti 7. Vieni Imeneo 8. Ecco Orfeo 9. Messaggiera y Pastore 10. Tu se' morta 11. Ahi caso acerbo! 12. Chi Ne Consola 13. Vanne Orfeo 14. Moresca  / Giovanni Gabrieli 15. Canzon primi toni 16. Canzona da sonar II 17. Canzon in double echo 18. Canzona da sonar IV 19. Canzon septimi e octavi toni.

CARNAVAL - Canadian Brass advances brass music once again by transcribing Robert Schumann's CARNAVAL and KINDERSZENEN to brass quintet. Just as the originals approach the edge of a pianist's technical abilities, the brass quintet versions of KINDERSZENEN and CARNAVAL - the latter a varitable Mt. Everest of keyboard aspiration -require a level of virtuosity that even the greatest players of a generation ago rarely exhibited, but that is standard for today's brass musicians. When using a mobile device please "SWITCH TO STANDARD VIEWING' at the bottom of the page to see video on HOME PAGE and product pages. Contents: Carnaval, Op. 9 by Robert Schumann 1. Preambule 2. Pierrot 3. Arlequin 4. Valse noble 5. Eusebius 6. Florestan 7. Coquette 8. Replique 9. Sphinxes 10. Papillons 11. A.S.C.H. - S.C.H.A: Lettres Dansantes 12. Chiarina 13. Chopin 14. Estrella 15. Reconnaissance 16. Pentalon et Colombine 17. Valse allemande 18. Intermezzo Paganini 19. Aveu 20. Promenade 21. Pause 22. Marche des "Davidsbundler" contre les Philistins. Kinderszenen, Op. 15 by Robert Schumann 23. Von fremden Landem und Menschen 24. Kuriose Geschichte 25. Hasche-Mann 26. Bittendes Kind 27. Gluckes genug 28. Wichtige Begebenheit 29. Traumerei 30. Am Kamin 31. Ritter vom Steckenpferd 32. Fast zu ernst 33. Furchtenmachen 34. Kind im Einschlummern 35. Der Dichter spricht.

ART OF THE FUGUE - J.S. Bach continues to inspire Canadian Brass and this recording contains the complete Art of the Fugue, Contrapuncti I-XIV, plus the chorale prelude "Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit." The tracks included are: ART OF THE FUGUE 1. Contrapunctus 1, Andate Sostenuto 2. Contrapunctus 3, Andante Espressivo E Dolce 3. Contrapunctus 2, Allegro Moderato 4. Contrapunctus 4, Allegro Moderato 5. Contrapunctus 5, Allegro Energico 6. Contrapunctus 9, Vivace 7. Contrapunctus 10 (Alla Decima), Allegro Moderato 8. Contrapunctus 6, Andante Ritmico, In Stile Francese 9. Contrapunctus 7, Larghetto Maestoso 10. Contrapunctus 8, Allegro 11. Contrapunctus 11, Allegro Moderato 12. Contrapunctus 12 (Rectus), Lento 13. Contrapunctus 12 (Inversus), Lento 14. Contrapunctus 13 (Rectus), Allegro Spiritoso 15. Contrapunctus 13 (Inversus), Allegro Spiritoso 16. Contrapunctus 14, Maestoso (original unfinished version) 17. Chorale Prelude: Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit

GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - Another monumental work of J.S. Bach!  This complete transcription was done by Arthur Frackenpohl for Canadian Brass and contains all 30 variations including the Arias at the beginning and end of the recording.
BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY #5 - Featuring Canadian Brass and members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic. Individual Track Details: 1. Symphony no 5 in C minor, Op. 67 by Ludwig van Beethoven / Length: 34 Minutes 4 Secs. 2. Egmont, Op. 84: Overture by Ludwig van Beethoven / Length: 8 Minutes 13 Secs. 3. Wellington's Victory, Op. 91 "Battle Symphony" by Ludwig van Beethoven / Length: 12 Minutes 9 Secs.
WEDDING ESSENTIALS - Packaged complete with a do-it-yourself guide, this new CD release from Canadian Brass offers an all-inclusive musical package to accompany that special day. With wedding classics set out for each part of the ceremony, Wedding Essentials makes for a perfect resource for a bride & groom to be, or a thoughtful gift for someone seeking an element of timeless class for their wedding day. Titles: 1. Air (from “Water Music”) - Händel 2. Largo (from “Xerxes”) - Händel 3. Prayer (from “Hansel and Gretel”) - Humperdinck 4. Air on the G String (from “Suite No. 3”) - Bach 5. Canon - Pachelbel 6. Fanfare (from “Orfeo”) - Monteverdi 7. Trumpet Tune and Ayre - Purcell 8. Trumpet Voluntary - Stanley 9. Albason Fanfare - Reiche 10. Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke 11. Bridal Chorus (from “Lohengrin”) - Wagner 12. Wedding March - Mendelssohn 13. Rondeau - Mouret 14. We Hasten With Eager Footsteps -Bach 15. Where E’er You Walk - Händel 16. Amazing Grace - Traditional American 17. Suite in Five Parts - Pergolesi