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Nine Trumpets and One Piano - Trumpet Music from Around the World CD (Fabio Brum)

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Nine Trumpets and One Piano - Trumpet Music from Around the World CD (Fabio Brum)

Nine Trumpets and One Piano is an album of works dedicated to leading trumpeter Fábio Brum and written for the classically conceived combination of trumpet or other high brass instruments and piano. The composers are drawn from across the globe, though the majority live in South America, and represent a wide variety of stylistic backgrounds. The music is exciting and vibrant - not least in it's dancing, driving rhythms - and exploits neo-Classical traditions as well as minimalism, jazz and folklore, all heard here in world premiere recordings. Brazilian trumpet soloist Fábio Brum has performed in more than 30 countries. He has won prizes at the Cittá di Porcia International Competition, Prague Spring International Music Competition, Juan García Marín International Trumpet Competition, Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Competition and International Trumpet Guild Solo Competition, and others, and received scholarships and awards from organizations including DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Baden-Württemberg Stipendium, Lake Placid Institute and Leon Rapier Scholarship Fund. Brum is the dedicatee of compositions by more than 20 composers, and his debut recording, Egregore+, features the musician performing new works and arrangements on eight different trumpet family instruments with orchestra (Naxos 8.574204). He is a Stomvi artist.