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Canadian Brass Jazz CD Collection (4 CDs)

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Canadian Brass Jazz CD Collection (4 CDs)

4 terrific Canadian Brass Jazz Recordings at a great price!

Jazz Roots, Swing That Music, Spirit Dance and High Society in one package.

1. JAZZ ROOTS is a re-release in CD format of two LP's (Rag-Ma-Tazz and Unexplored Territory) from the 1970's featuring brass quintet plus jazz combo instruments (Keyboard, Guitar, Percussion)

Rag-Ma-Tazz1 Entertainer Rag Fred MILLS/Scott Joplin, 2 Pleasant Moments (Ragtime Waltz) C DAELLENBACH/Scott Joplin, 3 The Favourite C DAELLENBACH/Scott Joplin, 4 Sycamore Rag C DAELLENBACH/Scott Joplin, 5 Euphonic Sounds C DAELLENBACH/Scott Joplin, 6 Rosebud Ragtime March C DAELLENBACH/Scott Joplin, 7 Figleaf Rag Lee NORRIS/Scott Joplin, 8 Easy Winners Lee NORRIS/Scott Joplin, 9 Days Before Yesterday Larry CROSLEY, 10 Golliwog's Cake Walk Fred MILLS/Claude Debussy, 11 Slim Trombone C DAELLENBACH/TK Fillmore, 12 Lassus Trombone C DAELLENBACH/TK Fillmore, 13 Canadian Brass Rag Eldon RATHBURN

Unexplored Territory1. The Joust Don GILLIS, 2. En Sueno Don GILLIS Ron Romm, solo trumpet Liona Boyd, solo classical guitar, 3. First Gymnopedie Don GILLIS-Eric Satie Erica Goodman, harp, 4. Amazing Grace Don GILLIS, 5. Just a Closer Walk With Thee* Don GILLIS, 6. Tin Roof Blues Don GILLIS-Leon Rappolo, 7. Muskrat Ramble Don GILLIS-Edward Ory, 8. The Cathedral Don GILLIS-JS Bach adapted from Magnificat in D minor, 9. A Royal Firework Don GILLIS-GF Handel Ron Romm, solo trumpet

2. SWING THAT MUSIC contains music that Louis Armstrong recorded over the course of his career. The Brass would have loved to collaborate with Sachmo but he passed in 1971 when Canadian Brass was just getting started. Contents include: SWING THAT MUSIC, CAROLINA SHOUT, PROMENADE, BEBOP BACH, COOL BACH, DIXIE BACH, STRUTTIN' WITH SOME BARBEQUE, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN, ST. LOUIS BLUES, BLACK AND BLUE, WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS, BLACK BOTTOM STOMP, STRIKE UP THE BAND, SLEEPLESS NIGHT, THREE-QUARTER BLUES, AIN'T MISBEHAVIN', BLUEBERRY HILL

3. SPIRIT DANCE is a collaboration between Canadian Brass and award winning Canadian jazz pianist, David Braid. Contents include: 1. Interior Castles, 2. Temple Heaven Walk, 3. Prelude for Two Voices, 4. Resolute Bay (Part 1), 5. Resolute Bay (Part 2), 6. Spirit Dance, 7. Analusia, 8. Wash Away, 9. Yesterdays (Theme and Variations)

4. HIGH SOCIETY features Canadian Brass at their Dixieland best! Titles included are: 1. High Society, 2. Beale Street Blues, 3. Sugar Blues, 4. Saint James Infirmary, 5. Bill Bailey, 6. You Made Me Love You, 7. Ballin' the Jack, 8. Deep River, 9. Chinatown, My Chinatown, 10. Back Home in Indiana, 11. Royal Garden Blues, 12. Dog Gone Blues, 13. 12th Street Rag, 14. Goin' In & Movin' On Out, 15. That's A Plenty, 16. Nearer My God To Thee