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Trumpet Encores - Brandon and Rich Ridenour

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Trumpet Encores - Brandon and Rich Ridenour
Malaguena is a personal arrangement/composition of mine that I was working this past winter (early 2008). Largo al Factotum is an arrangement of the famous "Figaro" aria from Rossini's Barber of Seville. My dad did this one about a year ago and is very popular with our audiences. Simple Gifts/Amazing Grace is another popular (and audience favorite) arrangement of my dad's. Flight of the BrandonBee is a co-arrangement of ours where I worked out the trumpet part and my dad did the piano part. We came together and made sure both of the parts worked well with one another. This is a process we've used for many of our co-arrangements. Rhapsody in Blue is a co-arrangement of ours and is, in my opinion, the highlight of the CD. It's a piece that we have both lived with for a long time. I played Rhapsody in Blue (on piano) in high school under my dad's instruction. I remember performing it with him (playing the orch part) on my high school senior recital in 2003 when I was 17. My dad has been performing the work every year in various forms for over 30 years. ---Brandon. This recording is not an Opening Day title.


1. Carnival of Venice (D. Staigers)
2. Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms ( D. Hunsberger)
3. Adios Nonino (A. Piazzolla)
4. Malaguena ( E. Lecuona) 
5. Vocalise (S. Rachmaninoff) 
6. Violin Concerto - Excerpts (F. Mendelssohn) 
7. Hora Staccato (G. Dinicu) 
8. Ave Maria (J.S. Bach/C. Gounod) 
9. Largo al Factotum (G. Rossini) 
10. America (L. Bernstein) 
11. Simple Gifts - Amazing Grace (E. Joseph/J. Newton)
12. Rhapsody in Blue (G. Gershwin) 
13. Flight of the Brandon Bee ( R. Korsakov) 
14. A Trumpeters Lullaby (L. Anderson)