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The Call to Adventure Brass Quintet (David Marlatt)

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The Call to Adventure Brass Quintet (David Marlatt)

GRADE 2 - 2.5

Adventures come in many forms - whether it be a Greek, Persian or Indian, etc. hero heading off on a mission or a sailor embarking on a dangerous trip across uncharted waters, the call to adventure is what gets it all started.

This piece is heroic and noble with many “characters” found along the way. Each section represents a new person, foe or obstacle that the hero must face. As an ensemble, you could discuss which section could represent which of these characters or situations.

Pay careful attention to the articulations and match them throughout the group. Really exaggerate the short shorts contrasting with slurs or tenutos. The lowest voices have the melody at several points throughout this piece so be sure to keep accompanying figures under that melody.