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A Hero's Quest for Brass Quintet (David Marlatt) PDF Download

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A Hero's Quest for Brass Quintet (David Marlatt) PDF Download

GRADE 2 - 2.5

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There have been many mythical heroes in famous literature. From the heroes in ancient Roman and Greek myths to the heroes of Japan, native America and India, they come in all shapes and sizes. Their quests may all be different but there are some constants in all great stories. First there is the Call to Adventure - where the hero sets out with her/his task in hand. The mission begins and the story unfolds. Next comes the Tests, Allies and Enemies where the hero confronts enemies in battle,
finds friends to align with and bravery and skill are put to the test. With conflict often comes Loss. Sometimes great loss. It could be a loved one or a friend in battle. Often the hero’s heart is heavy with the unfortunate results of adventures. The Road Home is always welcome. As fun as an adventure is to go on, there is nothing like returning home to family, loved ones and time to reflect on one’s quests.