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Sagenhaft; Heavy Tuba & Jon Sass CD

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Sagenhaft; Heavy Tuba & Jon Sass CD

Heavy Tuba was founded by Heimo Schmid in 1993. The musicians are from the Upper Austrian classical and jazz scene. Three tubas, four euphoniums, doubling at times on trombone, as well as a rhythm section of five contributes to the perhaps untraditional sound. Since 1997 is the British vocalist Dorretta Carter a member of the ensemble. The band cooperated with tuba soloists Jon Sass (4 CDs), Howard Johnson and Joe Daley. Heavy Tuba combines classic, jazz, rock, funk and soul and cannot be compared to any other group.

Track Listings

1 Zarathustra's Reincarnation
2 Get It on
3 Sagenhaft
4 Blue Lights
5 Handbags and Gladrags
6 Helter Skelter
7 Livin in Heat
8 Ripsey's Rumble
9 Ballade