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Perfect Landing; Canadian Brass ALAC CD Quality (Lossless) Digital Download

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Perfect Landing; Canadian Brass ALAC CD Quality (Lossless) Digital Download

ALAC CD quality files (44,1 KHz / 16 bits, lossless)

To effect a PERFECT LANDING all systems must be operating at one hundred percent efficiency -- and that is where Canadian Brass finds itself today. As a follow up to their best selling TAKES FLIGHT recording, Canadian Brass has once again expanded the repertoire for the Brass Quintet! Due to the dedication of countless people throughout the incredible Canadian Brass journey -- players, writers, managers, concert presenters, instrument designers, music education specialists, support staff and of course, family -- Canadian Brass now enjoys a leadership role in the chamber music world once dominated by only the finest string quartets. Meanwhile the Brass routinely meets receptive audiences more typically witnessed in pop culture. This disc represents a celebration of this PERFECT LANDING for the entire CB community.

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Tracks included

1. Perfect Landing (based on Brandenburg Concerto #5) 

     (JS Bach-Brandon Ridenour) 1:04

2. Brandenburg Concerto #2. Third Movement                 

     (JS Bach-Arthur Frackenpohl) 2:43

3. Spring Quartet, K. 387                                              

     (WA Mozart/Caleb Hudson) 4:20

4. Dixie Bach (Luther Henderson) 1:56

5. Vals Peruano (Enrique Crespo/Lydke Musikverlag) 3:37

6. White Rose (Caleb Hudson) 5:55

7. Muy Linda (John Holborne/WF Mills) 1:04

8. Cool Bach (Luther Henderson) 2:26

9. Granada (Augustin Lara/Don Bagley) 3:59

10. Shalom aleichem (Traditional/Boris Pigovat) 2:37

11. Bebop Bach (Luther Henderson) 2:08

12. El Relicario (Jose Padilla/Don Bagley) 3:18

13. Recuerdos de la Alhambra                                        

     (Francisco Tarrega/Don Bagley) 4:29

14. Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor

     (JS Bach/Neil Balm) 12:04                           


Total: 51:39