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GABRIELI FOR BRASS CD (Canadian Brass & Friends)

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GABRIELI FOR BRASS CD (Canadian Brass & Friends)

On this recording, Canadian Brass joins forces with members of the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra to perform works of Gabrieli along with compositions of Heinrich Schutz, Orlando di Lasso and Claudio Monteverdi.

The pieces include: Giovanni Gabrieli 1. Canzon per sonar septimi et octavi toni a 12 2. Sonata octavi toni 3. Sonata pian'e forte 4. Kyrie eleison 5. Jubilate Deo 6. Glora: Et in terra pax / Heinrich Schutz 7. Domine labia mea aperies / Andrea Gabrieli 8. Credo / Heinrich Schutz 9. Jubilate Deo / Giovanni Gabrieli 10. Sanctus / Orlando di Lasso 11. Cum rides mihi 12. Data est de lachrymis mihi voluptas / Giovanni Gabrieli 13. Santus VI: Hosanna in excelsis / Claudio Monteverdi 14. Agnus Dei / Giovanni Gabrieli 15. Sonata XIII 16. Hodie completi sunt 17. Canzon No. 28 / Claudio Monteverdi 18. E questa vita 19. Canzon in echo duodecimi toni