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Sshhmutes Practice Mutes

Needing to practice at odd times and in odd places over the years (and the absence of a suitable mute) was the reason Trevor Bremner designed the sshhmute.

In development over several years in his New Plymouth workshop, the sshhmute is at long last in full commercial production and has been successfully launched to answer a market need for an effective mute in a price range to suit budding musicians and professionals alike.

The sshhmute is made from lightweight, yet hard-wearing, ABS plastic with no parts to break or fall off and it is sold in a convenient soft fabric carry bag.

Perhaps one of the primary benefits of the sshhmute design is the very small amount of back-pressure it creates. This allows for better air supply, while still opening and developing the throat muscles. The mute also remains in tune and faithfully accurate throughout the entire range.


"The Sshhmute plays notably in tune, and even with its effective silencing ability, doesn't have excessive resistance. It's a total life saver on tour." 
-Chris Coletti, Canadian Brass

“The Bremner practice mute is an excellent product. I am a trumpet soloist based in the UK but travel all over. The mute works extremely well and I have already used it on a number of occasions just before going on stage where I have needed to be discreet but hear myself back – with better intonation than most practice mutes allow.”   - Alison Balsom, Trumpet Soloist

“These are by far the best practice mutes I have ever played. The feel, evenness of the sound throughout the register, intonation and ease of response, is unlike any other mute like this.”   - Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet for The Cleveland Orchestra

"The sshhmute is the best practice mute I have ever used. It allows for good tonal centering and response while muting the sound down to nearly an inaudible volume. It is perfect for when I'm on the road and need to get some practice time in while staying at a hotel. It's also very lightweight, modest in size, and easy to transport. I would recommend the sshhmute to anyone!"  - Bernhard Scully, Canadian Brass Horn

"This is by far the best practice mute I've ever played. It doesn't effect intonation and it feels almost like playing without it. Highly recommended!"   - Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Canadian Brass

"The Bremner practice mute is a wonderful light and practical mute that every trombone player should own."   - Christian Lindberg, Trombone Soloist