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Sanctus (Schubert) - Beginning Masterpiece for FLEX-system PDF Download

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Sanctus (Schubert) - Beginning Masterpiece for FLEX-system PDF Download



These Beginning Masterpiece arrangements are incredibly useful as they can be performed with virtually any combination of instruments.  All of these pieces have been recorded and popularized by Canadian Brass, so we know just how well they work. Download this PDF and print out only what parts you need or the entire set.

What sets Canadian Brass Beginning FLEX-system arrangements apart?

  • Wind, brass and string parts for each of the five sounding lines - these can be be performed with virtually any combination of instruments. 
  • Each of the pieces is a musical masterpiece.  This is the very repertoire that made Canadian Brass a household name.
  • Evenly distributed musical lines.  These works give everyone an interesting part to play while staying true to the original compositions. 
  • Proven success.  These arrangements expand upon the Canadian Brass Book of Quintets series which has a over half million copies in use worldwide. 
  • Use with a full ensemble or for chamber music.  Just five players are needed for these to work beautifully.


Here's what Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser has to say about it:

"Just when you think you've seen it all, something new and exciting comes along that has incredible written all over it! From the talents and wisdom of Canadian Brass, we now have:  
Beginning Masterpieces for All Instruments.

The coined name: FLEX-system is a brilliant contribution to the chamber music library availing every young musician to the extraordinary benefits of playing the finest music ever written. BRAVO!...BRAVO!... and BRAVO!!!"
- Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser