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Our God, Our Help in Ages Past for Brass Quintet (Croft/arr. Ferguson) PDF Download

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Our God, Our Help in Ages Past for Brass Quintet (Croft/arr. Ferguson) PDF Download


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This is a fun little arrangement of a classic hymn tune. It begins and ends with a legato jazz re-harmonization of the tune. Other settings include another legato verse featuring the trombone, an up-tempo swing version featuring a 2nd trumpet solo, and a Renaissance/early Baroque variation as a change-up. There is an “open” section in the swing version, and both chord changes as well as a written out suggested solo have been provided. The Hoodlebug Brass Quintet (the resident faculty brass quintet of Indiana University of Pennsylvania) first performed this work in 2004, but this work is approachable enough to be played with collegiate or high school musicians. The pick-up going into the Baroque fanfare should be in the new tempo. Players should also note many of the idiomatic articulations in the swing variation as it helps to “sell” the piece. This arrangement could be programmed as an offertory in a church, or on any secular recital. It’s a lot of fun to play, and I hope you enjoy it.