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Kaalin's Flight Brass Quintet (Ryan Meeboer) PDF Download

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Kaalin's Flight Brass Quintet (Ryan Meeboer) PDF Download

GRADE 3 - 3.5

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This piece was influenced by the music of the Middle East and India. ‘Kaalin’ is the Hindi word for ‘rug’, much like the one ridden by Aladdin in the famous story. This piece can even be considered a programmatic piece, as if someone were riding a magic carpet through the Arabic or Indian communities.

The opening is used to set the mood, reflect the mystery of the continent, and introduce the sounds of Middle Eastern melodies (and scales). The short introduction slowly builds by adding instruments and harmonies, until it climaxes and moves into the upbeat, dance feel, like that used in Bollywood films. Layering techniques give each section, especially percussion, many fun and interesting parts as the piece evolves and explodes into a slower, boisterous section, reintroducing the opening melodic material. Following this, the piece moves into a softer section, providing some solo opportunities, and a break from the loud, upbeat sections. Finally, the closing builds using melodic material and rhythms from various sections throughout, bringing the piece together, right up until the final measure.