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Flex for Two Duet Series PDF Downloads

The new Canadian Brass Flex for Two series "Educator Paks" are now available as PDF Downloads in both a Christmas collection and a Masterpiece collection of songs. Each "Educator Pak" has everything a teacher needs for that song title and includes two duet parts for the following instruments: Flute, Violin/Oboe, Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Trumpet/TC Baritone, Eb Alto/Baritone Saxophone, Bb Tenor Saxophone, Viola, Horn in F, Trombone/Cello/Bassoon/BC Baritone, Tuba and Mallets. 

We have also created "Performer Editions" which have all duets in the collection for a particular instrument. These are ideal for someone who wants to perform all 20 songs with a friend or classmate.

These packs contain newly arranged flex duets at approximately a grade 2-3.5 and can be performed by any two instruments. The arrangements focus on teaching critical listening and performing skills while encouraging real collaboration between players. By incorporating the special Canadian Brass DNA, these arrangements are fun to play and enjoyable for players and audiences alike!