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Charles Lazarus ; Solo Settings CD

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Charles Lazarus ; Solo Settings CD

About Solo Settings: 'Some of the music on this CD has been on my mind for years; some of it came into being as we played. All of it reflects a love of diverse styles of music. It's the culmination of a project involving many uniquely talented musicians and represents the creative energy of collaborating with my good friend, producer Craig Hara. In the end, it took shape as an album of original music for solo trumpet played in a variety of settings. 

Track Listings

1 Kilauea's Fountains
2 Waves
3 Proclamation for Justice
4 Soldier's Silent Reverie
5 Deja Fu
6 Proclamation for Amnesty
7 Dance Honu
8 Chorado
9 Madame Fu's Spirit Dance
10 Java
11 Deal
12 Mirrors
13 Postlude for the Rights of All