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Carnaval Brass Quintet Music (Schumann/ Ridenour & Coletti) Archive Music

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Carnaval  Brass Quintet Music (Schumann/ Ridenour & Coletti) Archive Music

Various Levels

Brass quintet music from the Canadian Brass CD, CARNAVAL

These Schumann works for Brass not only deepen the serious classical repertoire for brass quintet but they also explore the very limits of virtuosity.


The printed quintet music from this recording has been grouped into the following sets:

Brass Quintet Set #1(less difficult)

1. Preambule part one

2. Pierrot

5. Eusebius

15. Reconaissance

24. Kuriose Geschichte

26. Bittendes Kind

28. Wichtige Begebenheit

30. Am Kamin

33. Furchtenmachen

35. Der Dichter spricht


Brass Quintet Set #2 (difficult)

4. Valse noble

6. Florestan

7. Coquette

8. Replique

9. Sphinxes

11. A.S.C.H. - S.C.H.A: Lettres Dansantes

14. Estrella

19. Aveu

23. Von fremden Landem und Menschen

29. Traumerei

32. Fast zu ernst


Brass Quintet Set #3 (almost too difficult)

1. Preambule part 2

12. Chiarini

13. Chopin

16. Pentalon et Colombine

17. Valse allemande

20. Promenade

27. Gluckes genug

31. Ritter vom Steckenpferd

34. Kind im Einschlummern (high & quiet trumpet parts)


Brass Quintet Set # 4 (virtually impossible)

3. Arlequin

10. Papillons

18. Intermezzo: Paganini

21. Pause (should be followed with Marches des "Davidsbundler"...)

22. Marches des "Davdisbundler" contre les Philistins (extreme endurance test)

25. Hasche-Mann (trombone and horn parts very challenging)


Complete music parts from the recording

The whole enchilada!