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Canadian Brass Mouthpiece Collection - Trumpet

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Canadian Brass Mouthpiece Collection - Trumpet

Canadian Brass Collection Mouthpieces. Designed as a choir.


The Canadian Brass Mouthpiece Collection was designed and inspired by the personal mouthpieces used by the Canadian Brass Musicians. 

These pieces are held to a high standard of comfort, musical facility, and above all else to provide a rich, pure, and cohesive sound that blends well with each other. For a musician seeking to enhance their general set-up, the Canadian Brass Collection provides an incredible opportunity to capture the warm lush sound of the Canadian Brass within a reasonable price range. 



The trumpet mouthpieces have been inspired by some classic Mt. Vernon designs while providing trumpeters Chris Coletti and Caleb Hudson rim and cup enhancements for incredible comfort, and flexibility. The Canadian Brass Collection T1, T2, and T3 mouthpieces provide a more advanced trumpeter the opportunity to command a beautiful full lush sound, with superb responsiveness. 


T1 -   Approx. Cup Diameter: {16.4mm} ;  Deep Cup , Med. Wide Rim  ; Rim: {5.59mm} ; Throat: {3.81mm} 


T2 -   Approx. Cup Diameter: {16.8mm} ; Medium Cup , Med. Wide Rim  ; Rim: {5.34mm} ; Throat: {3.73mm} 


T3 -   Approx. Cup Diameter: {16.8mm} ; Medium Cup , Med. Wide Rim Not too Sharp  ; Rim: {5.34mm}  Throat: {3.81mm}