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CANADIAN BRASS: BRAHMS ON BRASS mp3 (320 kbps) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / single track downloads available below

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CANADIAN BRASS: BRAHMS ON BRASS mp3 (320 kbps) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / single track downloads available below

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The inspiration for Canadian Brass to undertake the music of Brahms came from an innovative adaptation of the 1897 Eleven Chorale Preludes for Organ, Op. 122 by arranger and trombone virtuoso Ralph Sauer. Ralph's comprehensive knowledge of the brass quintet medium and his high regard for these Preludes led him to this mission. In Ralph’s words, the Preludes represent “Brahms’ musical testament. Profound meditations on life and death, the Preludes can be considered the quintessence of his art. After beginning rehearsals of the Preludes, Canadian Brass trumpeters Brandon Ridenour and Chris Coletti reached into their own recollections playing the piano Waltzes, Opus 39. They both recognized how perfectly suited these waltzes would be for adaptation to modern brass instruments. It has been said that this music exhibits some of Brahms’ most technically proficient writing – with refined melody and a rhythmic individuality that he had exhibited right from the start of his career. Transporting the listener through so many moods, these Waltzes conjure up gypsy music, Bohemian folksong and whirling Viennese soirees, but overall they reflect the German Spirit. Separating these two major Brahms collections is the Ballade, Opus 10, No. 1 from 1854. Brandon Ridenour has profoundly captured the drama inherent in this work in his compelling adaptation. With its quiet opening and quiet closing the Ballade stands neatly between the spirited Waltzes and the reflective and lyrical Chorale Preludes. Each of the pieces performed on this CD expresses the powerful music of Brahms from an entirely new perspective. The distribution of parts between brass instruments brings a new dimension and sound to these classic pieces and the brass in particular offers opportunities to hear new colors, timbres and musical inflections. The brass ensemble repertoire has been greatly enhanced with these unbelievably significant new contributions. WATCH THE VIDEOS ABOUT THIS RECORDING ON THE TAB ABOVE


SIXTEEN WALTZES, Opus 39 Adapted for brass quintet by Brandon Ridenour, Waltzes 1,3,4,5,8,15 Adapted for brass quintet by Chris Coletti, Waltzes 2,6,7,9-14,16

1. No. 1 in b-flat major- Tempo giusto (orig. B major)

2. No. 2 in E-flat major (orig. E major)

3. No. 3 in g minor (orig. G-sharp minor)

4. No. 4 in E-flat minor-Poco sostenuto (orig. E minor)

5. No. 5 in E-flat major-Grazioso (orig. E major)

6. No. 6 in F major-Vivace (orig. C-sharp major)

7. No. 7 in C minor-Poco piu andante (orig. C-sharp minor)

8. No. 8 in B-flat major

9. No. 9 in D minor

10. No. 10 in G major

11. No. 11 in A minor (orig. B minor)

12. No. 12 in B-flat major (orig. E major)

13. No. 13 in B-flat major (orig. C major)

14. No. 14 in A-flat minor (orig. A minor)

15. No. 15 in A-flat major (orig. A major)

16. No. 16 in d-flat minor (orig. D minor)

17. BALLADE in D minor, Opus 10, No. 1 / Adapted for brass octet and timpani by Brandon Ridenour ELEVEN CHORAL PRELUDES, Opus 122 Adapted for brass quintet by Ralph Sauer


18. No. 1-Mein Jesu, der du mich (My Jesus leadeth me)

19. No. 2-Herzliebster Jesu, was hast du verbrochen (Dear Jesus, what hast thou wrought)

20. No. 3-O Welt, ich muss dich lassen (O World, I now must leave thee), ver. 1

21. No. 4-Herzlich tut mich erfreuen (My heart abounds with pleasure)

22. No. 5-Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele (Decorate thyself, o dear Soul)

23. No. 6-O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr frommen (O how blesses it is and pious)

24. No. 7-O Gott, du frommer Gott (O God, thou righteous God)

25. No. 8-Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (Behold, a Rose has bloomed)

26. No. 9-Herzlich tut mich verlangen (My heart is ever yearning), ver. 1

27. No. 10-Herzlich tut mich verlangen (My heart is ever yearning), ver. 2

28. No. 11-O Welt, ich muss dich lassen (O World, I now must leave thee), ver. 2