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A Nuvem Triste for Trombone and String Quartet (Alexandros Livitsanos)

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A Nuvem Triste for Trombone and String Quartet (Alexandros Livitsanos)

A Quintet for Trombone and String Quartet by Alexandros Livitsanos.

Includes a score and parts for trombone, 2 violins, viola and cello.

Greek composer, arranger, and pianist Alexandros Livitsanos, internationally recognized for his stylistic versatility, made his debut in 2016 with his album Circular Argument released by Decca Classics. In 2017, he began his collaboration with the international publishing house Editions Bim.

From 2015 up until today, he has collaborated with Alexandre Desplat, Canadian Brass, Michel Legrand, Athens State Orchestra, ERT Symphony Orchestra, El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra and Greek Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as with many orchestras abroad as an arranger and composer.

His work has been presented and performed live in the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Chile, and Hungary.

His lyrical “On a Bus” from the Pictureless Soundtrack suite was taken up by the legendary Canadian Brass and became an immediate success.

He is also one of the most active session musicians and arrangers in the local Greek music scene and is particularly known for his vast range of musical genres. From alternative/indie, electronic, hip hop & pop to folklore and classical, he has worked with the most acclaimed artists of the industry.