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A New Day Brass Quintet (Ryan Meeboer)

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A New Day Brass Quintet (Ryan Meeboer)

Grade 2-2.5


A New Day is a celebratory type piece where the melodies, feel, and harmonies are bright and uplifting. Throughout the entire piece, the feel should be kept light, and not overly powerful, with the exception of the introduction and the closing. 

Pay particular attention to the dynamics, especially in the introduction, as there are passages that are similar to each other, but have varied dynamic markings. Watch that the performers do not fall into the patterns of the opening measures and miss some of these articulation changes. Likewise, the ostinato at measure 13 is very light to create the feel, however, the melody is to be played very legato over top. This continues throughout all the sections where this material returns.

After the main material has made its final appearance at measure 75, the piece moves into a closing that should be played with lots of energy. Pay particular attention to the articulation and dynamic markings that support the feel for the ending of this piece.