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SLB-001 QHR Sudser for Large Brass (includes HLB-001)

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SLB-001 QHR Sudser for Large Brass (includes HLB-001)

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Designed for Trombones, Baritones, Euphoniums, and Tubas.

QHR Sudser delivers soapy or clear water at the flip of a switch. A cleaning/ water flushing devise for large bore brass musical instruments which connects to a standard ¾ inch garden hose. The QHR Sudser is a multi use tool, suitable for washing cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, etc. Standard liquid dishwashing soap is recommended for use with sudser.


About Quick Horn Rinse

ESW has developed the Quick Horn Rinse, (QHR). The QHR is designed for all levels of performer, from elementary student to professional brass musician. It is a device for easily flushing water through your horn. Most debris enters the horn through the lead pipe. Therefore, that is the most important part of the horn to keep clean. With soapy water, a snake and the QHR, you can easily flush debris from your horn and have a clean horn ready for playing in as little as twenty (20) minutes.

Different models of the QHR attach to either your bathtub faucet, or a standard garden hose or utility hose. Models are available for both large brass (Tuba, Euphonium, Baritone, and Trombone) and small brass (French Horn, Cornet, Trumpet, and Alto Horn) instruments.

WHAT THE PROs SAY ABOUT the Quick Horn Rinse -

Ronald Romm, founding member of Canadian Brass and renowned trumpet soloist.

I have been using a great product recently, and thought it would be a wonderful addition to the Canadian Brass Store.  It is called Quick Horn Rinse.  It is literally as the name suggests, and it works; the unit has a soap dispenser and hooks up to a hose or there is an adapter for the tub or a utility sink.


Dave Werden, former Euphonium Soloist, US Coast Guard Band - New Way to Clean Your Horn 18 June 2010.

While I was at the ITEC exhibits I had the chance to meet a genuine entrepreneur, Mr. Bill Ricker. Or maybe "inventor" is a better word. He did what clever folks have done all through history: he saw a need and developed a solution to addresses it. He has a product to enable easy rinsing for large horns (trombones, euphoniums, tubas) and one for smaller horns (French horn, cornet/trumpet).

The idea is simple enough, but works like a charm. I tried the short hose with the threaded end at my outside hose faucet. It produced a powerful rinsing flow in the bore of the horn. If you rinse the horn regularly it would keep it much cleaner on an ongoing basis. I have sometimes played in dusty conditions and wished I could easily rinse the horn out afterward. This would have done the trick.

Dan Perantoni, Tuba artist, teacher, pedagogue, and solo recitalist, Indiana University,Jacobs School of Music.

I used QHR in four different tubas. Product worked very well in all of the tubas with a tight fit in the lead pipe. Water flowed freely through the horn. I would highly recommend the product to anybody.

Adam Frey, One of the elite brass soloists in the world, Adam Frey is a Yamaha Performing Artist and Guest Clinician.

I did try the QHR and it cleaned out the lead pipe very well. The pressure created with my outside hose with the small nozzle was not as strong as I thought it would be, but it got things clean (which is the most important part for sure). So I think it is a very easy and viable way to clean the instrument..

Allan Dean, Professor of Trumpet (Adjunct) at the Yale University School of Music.

I have used the QHR on two different horns and I find by first having a clean horn!! and then using QHR on a regular basis (weekly if lucky) that it keeps things clean and good feeling. Seems like a good product to me.

.Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD, DMin,

As a physician and trumpet player I am enthusiastic about the Quick Horn Rinse product. As a presenter of workshops for all grades of music education including Interlochen Center for the Arts, National Trumpet Competition, International Trumpet Guild, Rafael Mendez Institute and others, I frequently encounter brass instrument conditions that are less than sanitary - often with spoiled food particles growing bacteria throughout the entire horn. Cleaning the mouthpiece and lead-pipe alone is insufficient. Students are frequently astounded at the amount of "blue cheese" growing in their instruments, thus even more surprised at how much their playing improves with a good instrument cleaning. Your invention far exceeds the efficacy of any home cleaning method I have encountered. I will be highly recommending it to teachers and students in my presentations. Thank you for this fine addition to our musical world.