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Zoë Bentley

zoe-bentley-01.jpgZoë Bentley has been writing and singing songs since the tender age of fifteen. With a wide spectrum of talent, her vocal purity is on full display reminding many of the song styling’s of Mariah Carey, the introspection of Sheryl Crow and the soul of Patsy Cline. Her song writing reflects an experience far beyond her years. Along with her debut album Stride, her musical journey also includes the holiday track A Very Merry Christmas. Originally released only as a single it became the darling of radio throughout Canada – peaking at #2 with Toronto giant CHFI – accordingly the song was the #1 “most spun” Canadian Christmas song of 2008.  It was later featured as the title track on a best-selling holiday collection. Zoë has come to explore new musical avenues, branching out from her pop roots to incorporate folk, rock, R&B and gospel in her music. Her awards and acclaim include a Juno nomination for song writing, first prize as singer/songwriter by and recently she was picked as the face of the new Gibson Goddess guitar.