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Crash Kelly

There was a magical time in music where one could turn on their favourite FM radio station and be rewarded for their efforts with a stream of truly classic rock n' roll. The sounds of T-Rex melding into Thin Lizzy, the Alice Cooper Group played back to back against a Cheap Trick album track.

The 70s era of rock n' roll was a time when the purchase of an album was a sacred rite of passage, attending a concert equivalent to a mass religious experience, when the image and art of the rock n' roll performer merged as one. CRASH KELLY wants to take you back... Ladies and gentlemen, please adjust your Hi-Fi players for the next rock n' roll transmission. Crash Kelly is the soulchild of Sean Kelly, a Toronto session musician who has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in Canadian music. After years of playing sideman to various and sundry artists, the Rock n' Roll animal in Sean could no longer be contained. In 2002, Crash Kelly was born.